Gets the relevant CPO class that distinguishes between steps in a CPO's lifecycle.

There is a fundamental distinction between CPO objects and CPOTrained objects, the latter of which can provide either retrafo or inverter functionality, or both. CPOTrained are subclassed into CPOInverter (only inverter functionality), or CPORetrafo (retrafo, possibly also inverter). To get more information about a CPORetrafo object's capabilities, use getCPOTrainedCapability.




[CPOConstructor | CPO | CPOTrained]
The CPO.


[character(1)]. “CPOConstructor” if the given object is a CPOConstructor, “CPO” for a CPO, “CPOInverter” for a CPOInverter only, “CPORetrafo” for a CPORetrafo object (which may have inverter capabilities, see link{getCPOTrainedCapability}), “NULLCPO” for a NULLCPO.

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